Lessons from Jesse Williams

JesseWhen I saw Jesse Williams speech last night, I noticed something. As he was getting introduced I got the sense he was a bit annoyed. At first, I couldn’t figure out why, but the more he talked the more I understood.

It seemed like he was annoyed because too much of the focus was on him. As I listened, I realized he wanted to highlight the people doing the work. He was simply using his time in the spotlight to bring attention to the inequalities many of us see on a regular basis.

There was a lesson in his delivery. For me, it was a reminder to live and give outside of myself. Also, we should acknowledge those who have paved the way, those who are working at the grassroots level, and really that all of us have a role.

Each of us should be doing something to better our community. Each of us should be vocal in the things we value.

There was a lot of talk at the ‪#‎BETAwards‬ about getting out the vote, but that is only one step. The second is advocating and holding ANY and ALL elected officials accountable. We are the shareholders of our city, state, and country!

What would our communities look like if each of us used a portion of our time, talents and treasures to create a more equitable and inclusive environment?



3 thoughts on “Lessons from Jesse Williams

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  2. Agreed…I was inspired to take my engagement to the next level. I can’t even begin to imagine how much better our communities would be if everybody who heard Jesse’s words did the same.


  3. I didn’t listen to his speech live as I had turned off the program before his award, however, the next day the radio and internet was all abuzz. I listened online and was very impressed, however, wondered how many of those who stood and applauded his words took any action the next day….or simply went about their business as usual. The future is in all of our hands….


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